Retail STAR POS Software Review

Retail STAR POS Software by CAM Commerce continues to be a business leader for niche retail shops in excess of two-and-a-half decades.

CAM Commerce serves a lot more than 20,000 merchants across various marketplaces. The organization is openly exchanged around the NASDAQ exhange and is among the greatest names in retail software. Retail STAR is specific at promising small to mid-sized merchants with as many as $100 million in annual revenue. Clothing stores, sports merchants, gift and hobby shops, and nutrition stores are a few of Retail STAR’s best segment fits.

Niche industries served include:

  • Clothing Store
  • Arts, Crafts, Hobbies
  • Footwear
  • Franchises
  • Hardware/Paint
  • Gift/Museum
  • Pro Shops
  • Team Sales
  • Pets
  • Pharmacy
  • Bike / Sporting Goods
  • Ski
  • Wine Liquor
  • and others…

Retail STAR POS Software Functionality

Retail STAR POS Software provides a full suite of programs. We’re enthusiasts of Retail STAR POS Software‘s simple interface. The only-key or touch-screen input techniques are simple for cashiers to make use of, despite limited computer experience. A CRM module can track buying history, customer opinions, or anniversary notices to enhance your customer support. Other programs include inventory management, retail accounting, e-commerce, merchandise planning, warehouse management and SCM-supply chain management.

This POS solution goes beyond just the front-end transactions, but also provides you with the facilities to build your financial statements such as real-time Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements.

We believe Retail STAR POS Software’s robust customer care is among the key differentiators this technique needs to offer. A The United States-based customer support team offers real-time support. On-site or online software training can also be available.

Some users have reported issues with the usability of the screens, often though this is due to insufficient training. Plan on spending extra time in learning and tailoring the solution to your specific needs. Do not skimp on both administrator and user training.

Retail STAR POS Software is definitely an on-premise software solution built on C + + and Microsoft .NET, and works with MSWindows servers. Merchants searching for an total hardware and software solution can buy Hewlett Packard POS devices pre-installed with Retail STAR directly from CAM Commerce.

Retail STAR POS Software Video Introduction

Retail STAR POS Software – Key Features

The following are some of the key features of Retail STAR POS Software:

  • Multi-store real time data
  • New version of Report STAR report writer
  • Membership Systems Interface
  • Remote Login by Store
  • Resend Remote Data
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Decision Support Tool
  • Open To Buy Report & 3rd Party Interface
  • Promotions
  • Linked Items
  • Bulk PO Close
  • Fractional Quantities
  • Multi-store real time data

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