Restaurant POS Systems Guide

Restaurant POS Systems can be confusing. There are many components that make up a complete system. Typically in Restaurant POS Systems you have the following components:Restaurant POS Systems

  • A central computer
  • One or more touch screen terminals
  • A receipt printer
  • One or more cash drawers
  • A remote order printer for the kitchen
  • The management software to control everything

What drives the selection of the POS hardware is typically the selection of the POS Software system.  Depending upon which software vendor you choose, that will be typically define the parameters for the hardware solution.  For example, if you choose a Microsoft Windows based software, you will likely need a server that is capable of running Windows and SQL Server.  If you choose a UNIX based solution, that will require a different  type of server.   As such, the best place to start is with the Management Software.

If you are a single terminal restaurant, you may want to check out these restaurant pos solutions. If you expect that you may have multiple terminals or cash drawers, please review the following section. You can choose one of the choices and select either demo or pricing. You will be prompted for your contact information. This is so a consultant from can give you a call and provide free, no-obligation information about many different solutions. They are the experts at guiding people to the right POS solution. (and at no charge to you!)

Restaurant POS Systems Leading Solutions:

Finding out more about Restaurant POS Systems

If you would like to find out more about Restaurant POS Systems, a good place to start is by selecting one of the restaurant POS solutions above (there is no obligation in doing so), and complete the form.  You will be contacted by a consultant from  They are a consulting service the will be able to guide you to the best solution for your need at no charge to you.   A call with their knowledgeable reps can lead you to the perfect solution for your restaurant.


Restaurant POS Systems