ConsignPro Software Review

ConsignPro software is the answer to resale and consignment stores who are looking for an all-inclusive, comprehensive feature-rich retail sales management and controlling solution. Since 1996, it has been the industry’s favorite software program. It has helped automate over 3,000 resale shops with this best-selling software and exceptional point-of-sale hardware. Customers’ extensive research has shown that ConsignPro has an excellent reputation in the consignment and resale industry and customers have swear that it is the best. This software is one of the most complete in the industry.

ConsignPro provides dependable, time-tested software that is industry-specific and simple to learn. It handles the retail point of sale, inventory and customer management, e-commerce and strong retail bookkeeping for a diversity of consignment segments, comprising of clothing, accessories, jewelry, furnishings, home décor, antiques, books and many other items. It is a software solution for consignment stores, consignment malls, buy-outright/resale shops, military thrift shops, medical cannabis dealers, art galleries, used book stores, seasonal sales, online only stores.

ConsignPro Software Features

ConsignPro manages the inventory, pricing and the checkout system. The checkout system is a breeze, including a smooth interface with the scanning of bar codes that it puts on the price tags; it interfaces with the credit card scanner smoothly as well. Closing out the cash register at night is quick and easy. Keeping track of consignors’ accounts is easy as well, and consignors are impressed with how fast they are able to obtain a report on the status of their items and have a check issued to them upon their request. A customer even commented that they do not have to hire an accountant to keep track of their sales and expenses.

It comes with twenty-five pre-developed reports that can be modified to track daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual sales numbers, the data regarding each aspect of the business: profits, sales transactions, consignors, customers, store inventory, etc.

ConsignPro also incorporates continuously and easily with Quickbooks and Quicken, creating exporting sales, disbursement and cost data effortlessly. Everything is saved to your databank every night and can be guarded from unapproved exploitation and entry with log-on procedures and password verification.

The technical support maintenance program has been ranked extremely high by the customers. Their support operation is supported by experienced, knowledgeable and prompt helpline customer service representatives who are pleasant, responsive, quick and have earned superb client reviews.

Key features of this consignment software include:

  • Internet Enabled
  • Network Ready
  • POS Hardware Ready
  • Integrated Bar-Coding
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Gift & Loyalty Cards Processing
  • Customer Tracking
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Inventory Lifecycle Management
  • Security & Permissions
  • Outstanding Customer Service

ConsignPro Customer Review Comments

There are many positive comments from customers. The following are some of the reviews customers of ConsignPro have posted:

Getting a demo is very helpful prior to purchase. The first thing that sold new customers was how simple the software was to use. The start-up time was very easy, short and speedy as well. The average high school senior could set this system up with the help from tech support in making certain that all the components are working properly within a short period of time. A manual is included, which is also very easy to read and understand.consignpro pos software

The training time was a big concern for many new employees. Employers did not want to spend weeks coaching. ConsignPro is user-friendly and effortless to teach to new employees. It is very easy and convenient to use, even for people who are technically-challenged and those who have no computer experience. The users can jump right in and begin using the program immediately. Once ConsignPro has been set up, inventory is one less thing the customer needs to worry about in growing the business.

One review suggests that there are numerous and continuous updates/upgrades every year comprising the latest features. ConsignPro takes an interest in customer comments and incorporates these suggestions into their updates.


This software’s ground-breaking and advanced key options guarantee that the system is both instinctive and complete, easy to use, painless report production, permitting the operators to review each and every aspect of their retail operation at a glance.

ConsignPro is highly recommended as the choice for a simple and feature-full answer developed for resale and consignment stores. The software makes running a consignment shop a breeze. Customer reviews have shown that ConsignPro is a well-oiled system that any successful consignment businesses must have. They have given a 5-star rating to ease of use, functionality, product quality, and customer support. Many happy and satisfied customers have never looked back since using this outstanding software. They would also highly recommend this software product to those in the consignment industry and that speaks volume. ConsignPro helped the businesses take off at a faster pace than the customers ever could have imagined. It surely has helped the business owners make more money, and that is what they all want and definitely, has maximized their business.

It is no wonder that they have a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating with so many happy customers.

For fair disclosure there is an angry customer website targeting ConsignPro (you can find it if you search the web). But it seems to be dated and the comments do not seem to align at all with the 19+ very positive comments on SoftwareAdvice’s site that were posted this year and last.

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