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POS Software (and the related hardware) can be overwhelming, especially when you are looking at it either for the first time, or selecting a new Point-of-Sale software solution to replace your existing system. There are many questions that come up as you are defining a complete POS/Retail solution. For example: What is your industry/niche focus? How many terminals will you need? Do you need to only collect sales, or will this software be managing your back-end accounting as well?

You might be operating a clothing store, a consignment store, a dry cleaner business, a restaurant or bar establishment, or you may be simply trying to run a small retail establishment with a web presence. All of these different types of establishments need some sort of point of sale solution. It needs to be able to not only track the retail transactions, but it should manage customer orders, inventory, it should provide good reporting, and it should be able to manage your purchases.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to buying a new POS solution. You and your business are unique and have special circumstances. For that reason alone, it is important to not just jump into a solution, but to look at your options.

We get that. There are many things to consider. So let us be your guide. We don’t sell anything, but rather, our goal is to provide you with intelligent information and choices to aid you in selecting your next solution.

Site Overview

To help you in your search we have layed out the site as follows:

  • POS Systems – learn more about individual software systems. This is where you can also get pricing and demonstrations arranged
  • POS Software Buyer’s Guides – These informative and free guides can be downloaded and read at your convenience. They will give you the steps and the knowledge you need to be more effective.
  • Restaurant POS – This section highlights the key POS Software packages specifically for bars and restaurants.
  • Retail POS – This section is focused on the specific POS Software that you need if you run a Retail establishment

Where to start. ¬†First you should read our POS Software Starting Guide to get a familiarity with the various things we will be discussing. ¬† Next, you should download and review our POS Software Buyer’s Guides to help you determine the best steps to take in selecting a Point-of-Sale solution.

Single-User Terminals

If you are looking for a single POS terminalwith few options, there are pre-packaged POS solutionspre-packaged POS solutions for you to choose from.

For those looking at multiple terminals or more complex setups, start first with the 10 STEPS GUIDE TO SELECTING RETAIL SYSTEMS guide.

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